Alison Brooks

Alison is a Traditional Naturopathic doctor and Energy Healer; she has studied and trained extensively in Energy Medicine at the White Winds Institute for Integrative Energy Medicine. Along with conventional schooling, she has also trained, continues to train, and received initiations from world renown Peruvian Shaman. Alison has completed a 2 year apprenticeship, in shamanic practices and Ceremony, based in Northern Peruvian indigenous tradition. 

Alison’s journey into holistic health – tapping into the body’s natural capacity for self-healing- started with 20+ years’ experience in conventional Western medicine, working as a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist, and ultimately as clinical traditional Naturopathic Doctor. Alison spent the last 7 years of clinical practice working at the Psychological Sciences Institute specializing in autoimmune issues and autism.

  In recent years, Alison found her passion and calling in Integrative Energy Medicine.  Energy Medicine is very effective in identifying and resolving energetic distortions, created since birth, that can impede progress in dealing with chronic physical, spiritual and emotional issues.

Alison is also a Certified Radical Forgiveness Master Coach and has certifications in Metabolic Nutritional Typing, the Advanced Psych-K Modality and Aromatherapy.

Alison specializes in repressed/suppressed emotional issues, finding root causes, balancing energy fields that ultimately allow for healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.   Alison is also called upon to perform shamanic ceremonial practices. 

Alison has two office locations:  Atlanta Psychology and Energy Medicine, located in Norcross GA and Acupuncture Atlanta in Buckhead.

Jim Harger, M.ED., LPC

Jim is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 40 years of clinical practice. He holds certifications as a Grief Recovery Specialist, Clinical Trauma Specialist, Employee Assistance Clinical Specialist, Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner and is also certified in clinical hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

His areas of specialization are grief and trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety, working with complex medical issues (cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, etc.). He also has a long history of working with first responders (police officers, firemen, military, etc.).

Jim utilizes diverse approaches including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, hypnosis, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, and Radical Forgiveness to provide clients with effective tools that bring about lasting change. In addition to his years of clinical experience, Jim also brings his own personal experience of addiction, trauma, and grief to his work. This experience infuses his work with empathy, compassion, acceptance, and a heartfelt commitment to receive all clients without judgement.


Our practice

Atlanta Psychotherapy and Energy Medicine is a unique and innovative practice designed to help individuals break through physical and emotional barriers. We combine Mindfulness Based Cognitive Psychotherapy, Integrative Energy Medicine and Radical Forgiveness Classes and Coaching. This methodology consistently proves to be the ultimate healing package as we continue the work of unraveling layers of traumatic events that we all experience being human. Our background and teachings enable us to empower clients with tools to address their immediate needs while moving forward in life with a permanent foundation of support. We bring over 60 years of experience to help clients achieve long term healing for body, mind and soul.

Jim and Alison have a professional partnership. They provide healing support depending on the client’s individual need. Alison and Jim can refer patients to one another or work jointly in certain circumstances.


Morpheous is a 70 lb rescued retired racing greyhound.  After a near fatal attack by a neighborhood pit bull, his gift as an Empath was revealed. He now serves humanity as a Therapy Dog and he takes his Work very seriously in Jim's  psychotherapy office. 

You will see Morpheus decked out with his 'healing' tools draped around his neck; he is a most gentle being.


Levi is a 6 lb rescued papillon.  He was dropped into a full kill shelter by a,puppy mill breeder who labeled him as “unsellable"

Levi is now a very spoiled office dog who is very attached to mama Alison, therefore hangs out in the Energy Medicine office.

Office hours:
Psychotherapy: Monday thru Friday 1pm to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm
Energy Medicine: Tuesdays,Wednesdays: 12 noon to 8 pm and Saturdays: 10am to 4pm

Psychotherapy 678.697.4033
Energy Medicine 770.855.6852