Conventional Science is Now catching up to Truth; Energy Medicine is 21st Century Medicine

I wrote this letter , posted below, about 8 years ago, to an MD, when I was working as the ND at the Psychological Sciences Institute, now called Mind and Motion. I had just published my book “How We Can Stop Promoting Autism In Our Children” and finished my advanced training in the modality Psych-K.


Now, 8 yrs later, a graduate of White Winds Institute for Integrative Energy Medicine, Shamanic Apprenticeships plus…the research is being proven.

Truth and Wisdom Never Change! We are Energetic Beings ; We can shift ourselves in and out of wellness at any time turning wellness genes on or off dependent upon our lifestyle choices


Several years ago, I read Candace Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotion. Dr. Pert is a neuroscientist and pharmacologist. She presented evidence that the mind and body function as a single unit, that the mind exists throughout the body, and that every cell is capable of decision making.

I recently discovered that Dave Cantor and Dr. Pert  are friends. It shouldn’t have been a surprise.

When I was introduced to Bruce Lipton’s discoveries and research in cellular biology, the information he provided invigorated me in the same way as Molecules of Emotion. I held the belief for many years that we are not slaves to our poor genetic traits; our illnesses and imbalances.  They need not manifest due to family history.

Over the course of working as a registered respiratory therapist, I observed healthy looking patients take on the appearance of old, sick people, soon after having been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Their perception of what was going to happen took its toll on their bodies well in advance of their disease. On the flip side, those patients who maintained strongly held positive beliefs, survived operations in spite of their prognosis. They’d be discharged much to our amazement.  I am sure this is not news to you. I present it because I observed this hundreds of times, not just as isolated, aberrant cases of spontaneous healing.

The information that I found that is both interesting and validating from Bruce Lipton is:

•The nucleus of the cell is not the command center. The nucleus is the storage house

•The cell membrane is the control center, responding directly to the cell’s environment. When a gene product is needed, a signal from the environment not an emergent property of the gene itself activates expression of that gene.

The connection the mind has with the body is “mood.”  The mind’s perception of the state of life – half full or half empty – sets the stage for a cascade of hormones from the hypothalamus and the entire endocrine system. Hormones react with cells at the cell membrane, not the nucleus. The cell membrane then conducts its “perception” of what is needed and activates DNA to generate proteins at specific gene locations necessary to then address that need.

Poor diet, psychological stress, and environmental toxicity also impact the body, chronically stimulating the immune system (flight /fight) and augmenting the mind’s predilection for negative thought. We know  that chronic stress, refined sugar, aspartame, alcohol, and drugs have potential to inflame the brain.   The psyche, then tricks the body to conform to an erroneous perception by the mind of its surroundings. The state of ‘Being in Love’ also has powerful rejuvenating capabilities; individuals in this state of mind, carry with them an outward glow, positive energy and generally begin to look healthier.  In both examples, nothing has changed except for the psyche/perception.

Growth or Protection: Cells move toward positive signals to enhance growth and cells move away from toxins to protect themselves. This can be observed as physical motion in amoeba as well as human white cells. Immobile humans cells assume growth or protection by adapting genotype based on environment.

I do not agree with how Lipton explained Autism: an autistic child has gone into protection for lack of love.

A mother's environment selects the genes so her offspring can fit into her environment. During pregnancy, if a mother undergoes traumatic events, or has systemic inflammation, this could shut down the growth mode and activate protection. A growing fetus is affected by what a mother experiences during pregnancy and the systemic environment that results from those experiences.

My observations indicate that autism is a direct result of toxic parents giving birth to infants that have inherited weakness. The expression of autism, in my opinion, is a result of the continued assault to a premature immune system by an ‘outer’ toxic environment – too many vaccines, poor nutrition, inflammation causing foods, antibiotics, etc. – not the inherent predisposition.  Children are not born Autistic.  The bottom line, as I state in my book, "I view Autism as the worst possible outcome of how Americans have chosen to live their lives."

I have observed Autistic children who are very much loved. They are all, however, inflamed, nutrient depleted, and toxic. This is confirmed consistently with functional lab test results.

As the autistic child begins a program that reduces inflammation and replenishes nutrients, improvements in behavior, emotions and even outward appearance occur. Their cells are now moving genotypically toward growth.

This is my interpretation of Bruce Lipton's conclusion that "Perception Controls Genes."

The Psych-K Tool/Modality:

We see life according to our perception filters, often taught by our parents.  These beliefs and perceptions begin their download into our subconscious mind at very early age; sometimes before birth.  Life is wonderful or Life is a struggle.  A person that has good energy seems to attract positive life experiences.  They have charisma and a magnetism that seemingly puts them in the right place at the right time.  A negatively programmed, angry person cannot hold onto or attract positive experiences for long.  They repel people and opportunities.   Often you can feel the energy surrounding both types.

A hundred billion dollar industry- as a core platform of self-help- has grown up around those principles.  But it’s not all about just ‘thinking positive.’  One’s biology and chemistry have to be in tune as well. 

The Psych-K tool can quickly change or reprogram a negative belief into a positive belief. It is a process and not instantaneous – no magic bullet – however, it has been proven to be the quickest way to change these beliefs. I personally have gleaned much benefit from it and it is most exciting to think that we have control over our life experience.  We have the potential to actually create the life we truly want.

When working with clients, if I see patterns of self-sabotage, and if they are open to it, I offer this tool as a method to determine if they have subconscious support for their goals. If they do not, we change the belief to one that supports their goals.  Using this tool, in conjunction with addressing the bio-environment of individuals, is proving to be very powerful, and I’ve seen outstanding successes.

Although I don’t believe in the concept of the guru, I find this new emerging science very fascinating and I believe that it is difficult to try to convey information in the realms of intangible concepts

Best Regards,