Dual Nature


Anxiety/Depression can be caused by refusing to ‘Act’ yourself through life.  This can start in teenage years or it can lead to a midlife crisis. By having a sense of deep knowing who you really are (a divine soul) while trying to fit in or come to terms that you are incarnated as a Human, living in the world of humanity is one very real definition of stress, anxiety, or depression.

The fact is we are of a dual nature. Part of that is human nature and humans can be horrible creatures.  Humans are the only animal that kills for fun/sport/war, manipulates others to satisfy a self-serving agenda, blames others for choices that have not served well, plus many other reprehensible actions can be listed.  Deep down some of us sense that this is not who we are…we try our best to fit in while also remaining true to ourselves (“to thine own self be true”). As a human, living as a being in contrast to our divine loving soul essence, depression and anxiety begin to set in when we cannot or no longer can come to terms with and accept the darkness that is a real aspect of being human.  So the best we can do to survive this duality of humanness is to Be True to Our REAL selves….to find a mission, passion or service that allows us to express our divine nature, while also being adequately compensated so that we can thrive in the human world. It is an ongoing quest to be True to Who We Are and not everyone is lucky enough to discover or tap into their soul mission early in life.   Unfortunately, most of us never do discover our soul’s path…hence the increasing scary numbers of depressed, anxious, suicidal, self-loathing, angry humans.

Many of us cannot thrive in corporate America. Why? Because many of us cannot survive in any profession or entity that has, at its top levels, ‘asleep’ people  that desire money as their only reward regardless of the emotional cost. How can such entities resonate with and welcome those humans that seek to know who they really are? And yet many of us are forced to function in this darkness while still trying to remain true to our loving divine soul nature.  This conflict, inner and outer, might answer the question of why most humans are on street drugs, prescription drug, alcohol, addicted to a multitude of things and behaviors…anything that gets us Out of our thoughts for just a little while.

 I am beginning to believe that so many teenage suicides occur because they are still closer, due to age, to sensing their loving soul.   But because many live in dysfunctional families, dysfunctional school environments, endure bullying, peer pressure, etc...they simply cannot handle these dark aspects of being human while also being forced to operate in that darkness, so that they can fit in and survive. This taught egoistic, human personality is in complete contrast to the divine soul.

Writers, Inventors, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Shaman, Artists, etc., are able to express their divine mission and thus might find it easier to live in the human world while also expressing their true divine selves.  Although these professions might not bring in the Big Bucks, these people are the lucky ones and I guess this is WHY is important to have a Hobby!!!

Most of us are pushed , by well-meaning but miserable parents, into professions or jobs that will pay well but…force us to behave and function in ways that are in contrast to who we know we are.  

The awakened humans will suffer. The ‘asleep’ humans will go on meds, act out, and inflict their own pain onto others…like attracts like.

If its any consolation, just know that as harshly as you ‘secretly’ loathe yourself, judge yourself and speak a constant silent streaming of self-deprecating conversation….you are NOT alone.  You are a Human incarnation struggling to be true to self and yearning to be Heard and validated.

The process of awakening , which can take many, many years, and often does, unless we have a remembered  near death experience, is when we begin to 'lean into' the dark human aspects with intention to heal trauma.  Any event that consistently triggers our Fight or Flight defense, will show up as a distortion, or 'energy clamp’, dispersed somewhere on our soul bodies.  I see this over and over again as an Energy Medicine practitioner or ‘soul doctor’. These distortions require softening so that the human can process through the darkness and find understanding, forgiveness and peace for being Human.

Alison Brooks, Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner and Radical Forgiveness Master Coach

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