How To Get Your Prayers & Wishes Answered...


What we know as “Universe/Source/ G-d” does NOT understand language….no matter how clearly and precisely you speak.

“Universe/Source/ G-d” responds ONLY to your Energetic Vibration and Frequency. In other words, if you are on the floor in despair praying for financial relief, “Universe/Source/ G-d” will only pick up on your very low vibrational frequency of Despair and respond by giving you More despair!.

You can say affirmations 1000 times a day but if you do not say them together with a Feeling of Joy, Gratitude, Thankfulness....nothing will shift.

So in order to get your prayers, hopes and dreams answered, get yourself into the Feeling of gratitude, thankfulness, and joy first and then blurt out your desires...even if you are in the feelings for a moment. Add your wording in that moment and then trust “Universe/Source/ G-d” received the request.

Oh and by the way...spirit knows no time. Let go of a timeline and let go of the 'how will it work' question. TRUST Source to deliver your request in the most perfect way for You and at the most perfect Time....for You.