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Despacho Ceremony

A Despacho is a beautiful mandala -like offering made with symbolic ingredients to “feed” the Earth and Unseen Beings. Traditionally celebrated by our Andean brothers and sisters of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, the despacho ceremony is a ritual expression of love and gratitude.

It is created on a piece of paper and folded up like a gift from the heart, then offered to a sacred fire, body of water or buried in the earth herself. We create despachos as a way to give Ayni —- sacred reciprocity—- for the life-giving energies we receive every day from the earth, elements and spirit realms. Every despacho ingredient is infused with our prayers of deep thanks and each creation is a unique embodiment of medicine beauty.

Despacho ceremonies are performed to honor the changing seasons and moon cycles, any rite of passage, to ask for guidance and protection, or to bless a sacred union or new beginning. The intentions behind despacho ceremony are endless and the types of offering ingredients are infinite. What is most important is that we perform this ritual with reverent presence, playfulness and gratitude.

The intention for this Despacho Ceremony is to open the Heart Chakra for the world of humanity.

We are offering this ceremony as Ayni, sacred reciprocity, in gratitude, for my beautiful community here in Pine Lake and for our growing private practice.

***You are invited to bring a flower that you will have ‘blown’ your personal prayers, wishes, intentions into; a petal from your flower will be incorporated into the mandala creation. ***

Please turn OFF cell phones before entering

This despacho will be offered in a fire.

Please note that this is an outdoor only event and will be rescheduled if weather does not cooperate

Please text me with intention to participate as my outside home space is limited.

Alison Brooks-770-855-6852 ; call or text me for address