Aura Exploration Patches are a Non-Transdermal Energetic Patch Therapy.
The adhesive patch is placed on the left side of the body, above the waist.  The bio energy field absorbs those specific energetics needed to restore the body to a state of homeostasis. The body absorbs what it needs. The Aura Exploration patch is designed to be complementary to other therapies; traditional or alternative.The patches are round which allows the energy to flow in a healthy clockwise pattern. Each patch is imprinted with a multi-wave oscillator which enhances the energy delivery system.The materials used are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Our unique method of proprietary programming protects the purity of the specific patch energy from harmful frequencies during the procedure.

The Patch System uses current technology to program specific frequencies into a patch based upon homeopathic principles. The system offers a new and natural way to heal the body without any pharmaceutical or other chemical compounds. 

The Patch System is safe for the most energy sensitive person. There are no chemicals or transdermal solutions to worry about, just natural clean energy presented into your energetic field. Each energetic frequency replicates the energetic frequencies found in the healthiest people on the planet. 

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