Spring Steidl, Soul Journey Masks

Spring Steidl offers one of a kind masks, made individually, to those seeking wisdom and direction from Guides, Teachers, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Nature Spirits, etc. The Mask is a reflection of who you are in regards to soul purpose, what your barriers are, and it will offer you guidance when you sit quietly with it or keep it nearby.  In other words, it’s not just a pretty piece of art! It is a spiritual tool, specific to You! When someone is guided to order a mask, Spring will ask for a recent picture, face front. She will sit with this picture for up to 2 weeks, usually no more than that. She will draw out what she sees and color it in and uses whatever crystals, feathers, beads, stones, etc. she is ‘told’ to use. Your mask is about you, no one else. When the mask is finished she will let it dry and includes a written reading and explanation of the materials used and why they were used. This process can take up to 8 weeks.

Price= $275 Contact Alison: 770-855-6852