Our services

  • Psychotherapy: individual, couples, families and group
  • Integrative energy medicine
  • Radical Forgiveness: classes and coaching
  • The Healing Process: a grief and trauma recovery program
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Psych-K Modality
  • Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony
  • Shamanic ceremonies
  • Qi Ghong breathwork
  • Aromatherapeutic formulations
  • General consultations for Aura Exploration Patch Therapy
  • Remote sessions for Energy Healing are available
  • Naturopathic Email and/or Phone Consultations

**Cancellation Policy: (Energy Medicine Sessions/Psychotherapy Sessions)

A minimum of 48 hours is required for cancellation of scheduled appointment.

If appointment is canceled within 24 hours and the slot cannot be filled, client will pay a cancellation fee of $35 owed at next session.  If that time slot can be filled, then there will be no charge.

If appointment is canceled same day/last minute, client is responsible to pay for the session.

This Work is Sacred Reciprocity; Both the practitioner, as well as the client, deserves to have their needs met.    Namaste