Blessings often come wrapped in unusual packaging.  Life can provide us with an experience that in the moment can be overwhelming, even devastating to us. Certainly in that moment, we do not feel that there is any blessing. We are totally involved in the experience and cannot see or feel beyond what is happening right now.

In the fullness of time, we can begin to process the experience. In that reflection, we begin to unwrap that unusual packaging. Since this unwrapping process takes time, our impatience may lead us to conclude that nothing good is even possible in the situation. If we allow that time, the blessing can come to reveal itself.

Often, the experience that we have had may lead us to change and grow in ways that were unforeseen, perhaps even unimaginable. We can grow and change in ways that we have never done so before because we never had to do so before. That is our blessing. Receive it. Honor it.


Jim Harger, M.Ed., LPC