A High Tide Lifts All Boats


There are times in our lives where we all have asked ourselves “what does it matter?” We can find ourselves working very hard with the challenges that life presents to us and while doing so, we can look around and it seems that the rest of the world (or at least what seems like a good part of it) isn’t working as hard as we seem to be. This gives rise to our age-old nemesis, self doubt. We can begin to question whether our efforts make any difference at all.

We can all find reasons to not do something. The “easy road” certainly can seem very appealing when we find ourselves on a “hard road” in our journey. We can wonder out loud “why?” and especially when it seems like everyone else is managing to be just fine while we are having to struggle.

Let’s take a moment to redefine a few things. First, everything that has ever happened in our life before right now can be called “preparation.” Whatever has happened, it has provided us with knowledge and experience (sometimes more than one experience is needed in order to obtain that knowledge). This knowledge and experience is preparing us for something. That something usually arrives in the form of what we would call a “crisis.” Most of us would cringe when told that we are about to encounter a crisis and start looking for a way to avoid it or somehow get around it. If we were to instead call that “opportunity”, everything changes. We tend to move towards an opportunity, not away from it. So now instead of a crisis, we have an opportunity to apply all of our preparation to the situation. In doing so, it can lead us to something new: I will call that “prospering.” Prospering can take many forms: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial. I would venture to say that we welcome prospering in any (or all) of those forms.

One of the biggest opportunities that we are presented with is the opportunity to raise our energy up from that low vibration of negative to that higher vibration of positive. When our energy becomes more positive, that energy effect moves out from us like the ripples in the water when a stone is dropped into the water. No matter the size of the stone, there is a ripple. As that ripple moves out from us, it effects everyone we know, everyone we come in contact with. When more people move into that positive energy, the collective energy of us all as a species is raised up and so we advance, we evolve, we grow. A high tide lifts all boats.

When we embrace the challenges, the opportunities, that present in life, we become the high tide.

Jim Harger, M.Ed., LPC

Image by Ingeborg Gärtner-Grein from Pixabay