The Power of Ceremony

Alison and Jim

Alison and Jim

On Sunday, September 29, 2019 Alison Brooks and I will be facilitating the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony. We very much enjoy presenting the Ceremony to the community and plan to do so every fourth Sunday of the month. Our passion to present the Ceremony is because it is an opportunity for healing: every time we have presented the Ceremony, we have seen obvious, and sometimes, extreme, healing take place for participants. Even while leading the Ceremony, we also experience healing benefits. Whenever there is an opportunity to heal, the soul will move towards that opportunity. Ceremony creates that opportunity.

The Ceremony that we present is derived from the Native American tradition. Indigenous cultures utilize ceremony throughout their day to day existence; ceremony is done daily for activities such as preparation of food, greeting others, acknowledging Nature, for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, giving thanks and appreciation, communicating with the Elders and Unseen Spirits, and many more circumstances. Ceremony is an integral part of life itself. As cultures become more “civilized”, our use of Ceremony decreases. We still have Ceremony for special occasions or purpose, such as weddings, funerals, and graduations, but there tend to be for far fewer opportunities compared to indigenous cultures.

We respond to Ceremony because of the power of the focused, purpose driven behavior. It evokes a deep response from a soul level in all of us. Ceremony moves that deep energy. The movement of that deep energy can feel magical to us and in effect, it is: the magical effect of the thankful acknowledgement of the importance of all things can be profound. Indigenous peoples would include the use of sound via music, singing, and chanting as well as movement such as dance to accentuate the importance of the ceremony and to also provide opportunity for the moving energy to be expressed. The joy of music and dance is something we can all relate to: haven’t we all just felt good when we allowed ourselves to just respond to the rhythms of music and begin to move, to dance?

Now, the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony is not going to involve dancing around a fire or anything like that, but it does evoke that deep soul energy and provides an opportunity for it to move. And the result of that movement is beneficial. From our deepest heart, Alison and I invite you to participate in the Ceremony so that you may experience this movement of deep energy. We know that you will feel it and that it will be healing for you in some way. Please take a moment to check out the details regarding the upcoming ceremony in the Events section of the website, which also will walk you through registering for the event. We would love to have your energetic participation in the sacred time and space of the Ceremony.

Jim Harger, M.Ed., LPC