Initial In Person, or Remote Energy Medicine Session


Initial In Person, or Remote Energy Medicine Session


Energy healing is a treatment often sought for illnesses and imbalances that are not always easily explained.  The human body is more than flesh, blood, and bones. Misalignments of our subtle energies (human energy field, aura, and chakras) are not as easily diagnosed because these energies are invisible to the human eye.

Energy healing practitioners will use their hands either by hands-on contact or making hovering or sweeping hand movements above or around the body. The same techniques energy healers use in-person can also be carried out through distance healing. How energy treatments are conducted will vary according to modality being used. Also, healers themselves are unique in how they work with energy in their healing practices. This is because many energy medicine practitioners have acquired a variety of tools by attending several different schools and workshops to learn about energy healing.

Basically, distance healing is done with focus and intention just as if the client is physically present.

The initial session costs $130.00 and lasts 2 hours. The initial session includes a full assessment of all Energy Fields, Chakras, Energetic Attachments, Physical Distortions, and more . This information is revealed to you , your feedback is encouraged, and a plan of action is determined for the session.

Once the initial session is completed, follow-up sessions are available for $90 ( 90 minutes) Click here to purchase the follow-up session. 

Cancellation Policy:

I require a minimum of 48 Hour notice for a cancellation. If appointment is canceled within 24 hours and slot cannot be filled a cancellation fee of $45 will be applied to next session.

If appointment is canceled same day/last minute, client is responsible to pay full fee for the session.

This Work is Sacred Reciprocity; Both the practitioner, as well as the client, deserves to have their needs met.    Namaste


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