Bedtime Rejuvenation Seals


Bedtime Rejuvenation Seals


The BedTime Seals are placed on the mattress to aid and restore the body’s energetic function. They are made of a new softer material and are a little larger than the previous seals so only four are needed; they last longer and contain more specific energetics.

During sleep the AEP Rejuvenation Seals provide the foundation for rejuvenation by delivering the energetics of the Schumann Resonance which is a measurement of the magnetic field of earth. This magnetic resonance dramatically improves the bio-chemical reactions in the body helping to repair damaged cells; produce enzymes and strengthen immunity.

The Schumann Resonance naturally restores the essential bio-brain function to match and strengthen the frequency of the body organs. This enhances all levels of body/brain function and helps to maintain the structural integrity of the cells thus improving function of all the tissues and cells.

The Schumann Resonance is the energy frequency we live in and it supports all life on earth, all life forms have become attuned to the energy of this life force. This energy is so essential that when astronauts explore outer space beyond the ionosphere it is necessary to have an artificial generator of the Schumann Resonance on board to maintain their mental and physical stability.

AEP Bedtime Rejuvenation Seals also contain stress relievers, detoxifiers and the energetics of Anti-Aging which is very beneficial to health, youthfulness and longevity.

The energetics of the brains theta waves and delta waves have been added to induce a relaxed state and to encourage peaceful sleep.

Note: You most likely will not need additional AEP Sleep patches but in times of stress they could be used along with the Bedtime Rejuvenation Seals to create a wonderful sleep therapy.

Suggested Application: Attach the four (4) BedTime Rejuvenation Seals to mattress cover, two on each side of the mattress up to queen size. Place a few inches in at the level of the neck/shoulders and the level of the ankle/knee. On a King size bed used by two people it may be advisable to use four seals on each side of the bed or use the layout suggested in the package. Change every nine months.

Alison’s Tips ~ I think you will enjoy these much researched and newly developed rejuvenating and sleep promoting bed seals. They are made of a new softer material and are a little larger than the previous seals. They are programmed with a new technology, so only four are needed on any size up to a Queen even if used by two people! The seals will last at least nine months. On a King size bed it may be advisable to use four seals on each side of the bed or follow the layout in the package.

You will sleep in a cocoon of healing energy each night which will rejuvenate your cells and balance your energy with that of our planet. The energy from these seals increases healing and encourages a healthy sleep cycle.

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