Cell Phone Seals


Cell Phone Seals


Cell Phone & Electronic Device Protection Seals

These exceptional new seals have been developed to protect the body from harmful radiation and heat emissions without affecting the function of the phone or other devices. The seal may be placed directly on any electronic or electric devices. Two seals per Packet.contains two Seals Replace after 1 year.

Very sensitive people may alsoneed to use the Toxic Energy Protection Disk and the Bio-Energy Enhancer Disk.

Placement of Seal

  • Cell Phone: one over battery area.
  • Mobile phone: one near the antenna.
  • Microwave: One each side above door seal
  • Laptop Computer: One underneath, middle of left side, do not block vents. One on the back of the lid centered at the top.
  • Desktop Computer: One centered on the top or bottom of monitor frame. One on the CPU Tower front or side.
  • Smart Meter: two seals on front & top.
  • Coffee Maker: one near on/off switch.
  • TV: one top center above screen one centered below screen.
  • Refrigerator: one top center of door one bottom center of door.
  • Antennas: any device with an antenna place seal close to the antenna.

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