"As a police officer, I have to deal with traumatic events every day. When I was referred to see Jim, I admit I was skeptical at first, but that changed quickly when I realized that Jim approached me with empathy and without judgement. He really understood what I was dealing with and he has been a great help to me in learning how to cope with things appropriately. Later, I came to realize that a number of my fellow officers have gone to see Jim and everyone has had a similar experience. As a result of the work I have done with Jim, I feel like I am a better officer and a better person."
A.C., Atlanta

"Jim worked with me and my entire family in dealing with the overwhelming grief we experienced after my husband's sudden death.....through his counseling, we found our way of living again and thanks to him, my family is now healthy and thriving."
Margaret F., Duluth, GA

"I have struggled with addictions for years and I always sabotaged any attempts by anyone to try and help me....Jim saw through that immediately and was able to help me to get honest and be accountable because of his encouragement and support and his deep understanding of addiction....I'm now sober and living in honest recovery.....I feel like Jim saved my life."
Paul J., Snellville, GA

"Over the years, I have seen several different therapists, but never felt like I got much in the way of real experience with Jim has been very different: he gives me information to better understand my issues and tools that work for me so that I can address my issues....he is very genuine and communicates very clearly....I have learned so much through his counseling and now I feel like I am truly in control of my life."
Betsy A., Atlanta, GA

Energy Medicine

-I have attended counseling with Jim Harger on and off for the past 13 years. In 2017, after a ~5 year hiatus, I was once again in need of his services. We reconnected and picked up right where we had left off years before. As we caught up he mentioned that the practice was offering Energy Medicine with an Energy Worker named Alison Brooks. I was intrigued at the notion of the Energy Work, but really had no idea what he was talking about or what Energy Medicine was. And, being busy with work and life, I pushed it off and continued my psychotherapy sessions with Jim- The known. The regular.

A few months passed, I regularly attended sessions with Jim and talked about the same issues- The same issues that I have had for the thirteen plus years that I have been a client of Jim’s- Same issues that somehow keep repeating themselves in my personal and work life. Same issues that are once again doing what they always do... Why does this keep happening to me??! Why do replay this same scenarios?!

Alison and Jim have a common area of the shared office space. After my sessions with Jim I would often run into Alison. We would have brief talks and interactions. Often the three of us would be the only ones in the office for a short time and I would openly discuss some of my more pressing “issues”. She was always warm, open and forthcoming with helpful information and intuition. After our several interactions and a few hints, winks, nudges from Jim... and not to mention my failing job, relationships and health... I scheduled my first energy session with Alison. It could only help at this point, right?!

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 2 and had been ingesting, infusing and injecting massive amounts of prescribed steroids and immunosuppressive drug therapies for the past 33 years of my life. Flareups were often and were always treated with more steroid therapies. They were exhausting on my already suppressed immune system. I would often miss several days of work due to my poor health. This added even more stress and strain to an already stressed and strained life and body.

After scheduling my first energy session with Alison, I went into our session not really knowing what to expect. We got into a lot in our first meeting. My health being the most pressing at that time, we focused there for that visit. Alison was able to pinpoint a misdiagnosis of RA and prescribe a natural and whole-health approach of diet and supplements to aid my ridiculously long list of unthriving symptoms I was experiencing at the time. 

Like most humans that have been living real life for the past 35 years I was skeptical... but I was also desperate enough to try anything to feel better. I went on the elimination diet, on all the supplements and ate all organic. And you know what, it sucked. I thought I was desperate enough to try anything? I was awful at sticking to the diet and to the supplements. And then, next thing I knew it was a month later and time for my second energy session with Alison. I forgot I had scheduled it and I felt like a failure. I wasn’t able to consistently stick to the diet or the supplements for just a month! I mean we’re talking about doing something that is solely for my benefit and I couldn’t even do that! I remember going into that appointment with a lot of self-doubt and negative self-thoughts. 

I left that appointment feeling not judged, empowered and hopeful. Over the next 6 months I continued with regular Energy Medicine sessions and psychotherapy sessions. During those 6 months the tireless circles I had been making with my career, my health and my relationships were starting to become more apparent and more unbearable to continue.

First was the Job. Being in a male dominated profession since I was 18 I thought I had learned how cope with a lot of the female-negative rhetoric and sexual under/ mostly overtones that resonated in some of those circles. Turns out, those coping mechanisms would throw me right back into that loop of “same issues/scenarios, different people”. In the six months of Energy Work integration into my therapy sessions I was able to change a lot of the negative-self beliefs I had, stand in my power and quit. 

 Almost simultaneously (...well after the crippling anxiety and doubt that followed for a few short weeks of quitting my job!!), I was seeing a noted improvement in my Health. My RA symptoms were not as severe. I thought, let's ditch the steroids and biologics for a month and try the diet and supplements again. You got nothing else to do, you're unemployed! And guess what, they worked. Again, it sucked and it was hard... but it got easier. 

I no longer have the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and no longer require harmful medications.   

 Relationships. This one (many) followed the expedited path of the job and my health... And boy did the Universe have big plans for this one. After quitting my job, still living in an expensive downtown Atlanta apartment and eating organically for the past 3 months, the money/savings I was using to quickly vanished. I was presented with an ending lease and a decision on where to live. I had been accepted into a college in South Georgia, found job options in the area and planed to live close to my best friend. An abrupt upheaval in that relationship landed me with one viable and safe option... Mom's house. And that relationship... if we could call it that then, was desperately strained.

For the next seven months there was a lot of change, a lot of emotion and a ton of introspection. I worked on my relationships, my health and my future career in my continued, regular sessions with Jim and Alison. I was putting in the work and really seeing and feeling the results.
Within the past 2 months, and coincidentally after my second to last session with Alison a major energy shift occurred. This propelled a major issue, one that I had been denying the attention and resolution it needed, to the forefront. With healthy (or as close as I could get- *progress not perfection*) confrontation skills and the shift in my energy and thinking, I was able to confidently stand in my power and and state my needs. 
The relationship with my mother has never been more authentic and we are communicating with more love, understanding and clarity <- and that is within a 9 month time frame. I have more peace in my life. Much more responding and so much less reacting.     I have no doubt that the integration of the Energy Medicine has accelerated my progression in psychotherapy sessions.

This practice and group are doing some amazing healing.

Jennifer J., Buford, GA


—Alison is a gifted healer....after two sessions of energy medicine, I experienced a significant decrease in both anxiety and physical pain....the corrections she made in my energy field helped me to recognize and let go of emotional and physical traumas of the past....I felt lighter, happier, and more energetic that I had felt in years following my a health care professional, I enthusiastically recommend Alison's services."
Dante S., Suwanee

—"I believe in the fact that when someone suffers a traumatic loss, there can be a hole left behind....grief is such a strange state of can wreck more havoc, both to our bodies and to our souls....I have been dancing around grief for too long....this wonderful lady, Alison, appeared in my life and in her loving and gentle way, she had helped me to begin to let my grief it's place, I have found a peace that I had thought was lost long ago.
I guess that I really didn't believe that anyone could touch me, yet with hundreds of miles between us, Alison was able to help me to start to heal that wound that I had worn like a well-loved blanket for far too long and to start to live again....thank you just doesn't seem to cover all that she has blessed me with."

Jan F., Savannah

"Alison certainly helped me!.....first with a chronic neck problem and then in dealing with grief when my dog died...I am so grateful and think everyone should experience her expertise!"
Bernice G., Florida

"I died twice back in the late 1970's....the first time I went out of body, the second time I went into the light and was told to come goal since then has been to die as young as possible as old as I can while helping others to live their lives.
I have studied with five yogis, numerous medicine men and women, and countless healers....when I experienced Alison's healing work, I immediately set up appointments with her for my wife and my mother....we all have had profound, amazing experiences with her healing work!
Gift your life with Alison's healing work, you will be very glad you did."

Bill G., Dawsonville

”When I saw Alison for our first session, I did not know what to expect and by the time she finished, I knew she had a gift!
I had been having pain in my right shoulder and hip for some time, as well as a clogged up right ear that had been bothering me for the time she was done, my right ear started opening up and the pain in my shoulder and hip were all but gone!....I was able to sleep soundly with no pain that night; although I felt rather tired over the next few days, the positive effects of the session continued....I would highly recommend Alison as a gifted healer!"

Gail P., Elijay

”When I first spoke with Alison, I was having some pretty upsetting physical issues.  She zeroed right into what I was dealing with, suggested some things for me to do, and cleared out some restrictions energetically.   Then, no surprise, she picked up on the emotional and spiritual issues that were nagging underneath that I was pretty oblivious to.  Over the course of a few sessions, my physical issues improved and we delved into some past issues which were holding me back.  Alison suggested I use the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet to work through some things.  Wow, that was a great tool for me as totally different people/afflictions came up that I was not expecting.   We discussed what had come up and I was able to move forward quite a bit.  I have made some pretty radical changes to my life that have left me feeling more positive and strong.  I highly recommend Alison’s energy work.”
Lucy H., Michigan

 —”Alison has been a Godsend to me!!  I started seeing her after I started traditional therapy, as a continuation of my quest for personal and spiritual growth.  She is Very intuitive in sensing what type of Energy work I am needing.  I always feel uplifted mentally and physically after an Energy session.  Because of these Energy Medicine sessions, my life has changed for the better.  I am a better person, better communicator, and closer with family.  I have more compassion and understanding of life and my purpose.  I highly recommend Alison to anyone who is searching for a more positive life experience.”
Kellie H. Atlanta, GA

—”Alison is amazing.  I recently saw her because of the positive impact her energy work had on a friend of mine.  I really didn't know what  to expect, but based on the experience my friend had, I was expecting something enlightening and freeing to my soul.  Alison was able to identify multiple issues and trauma in my life.  She treated those issues and realigned my energy.  Since seeing Alison I have noticed a significant changes in my life.  Physically I feel great, emotionally I feel great, and my overall mental state and well being are so much more free than before I saw her.  I have another session scheduled and I'm looking forward to even greater results.  I would recommend Alison to everyone, you will be so happy with the experience, and the  results”
Gregory B: Atlanta, GA

”I've been dealing with chronic pain and injury for over two years when Alison came into my life. Through her energy work I have healed more in the past eight months working with her than the prior two years trying to get well by other 'recommended' conventional medicine alone. Her healing spirit reaches past the physical and helped untie the emotional pain of life experiences that I've been shielding myself from for so long. With her energy guidance, the spiritual journey of healing still continues inward. Thank you Alison for your compassion and bravery in all that you do! The world is in need of healers like you."
Best Regards,
Emily F; Atlanta, GA

—”Good morning Jim and Alison,
I just had a conversation with my best friend about how my entire perspective on my relationship has changed, and now that I've done more work on myself, I can see clearly how good my relationship is. I'm not as on guard as I was a few months ago, my chakras feel more balanced, I feel like I can see Dan's intentions much more clearly. I realize he isn't the wounded type I was used to. I tell you both this because you guys provided a turning point for me in my relationship with myself and my significant other, and I am extremely grateful. I take better care of myself now and can therefore pass it on to those around me. You guys do excellent work and you make a powerful team. Lots of love! Namaste!”
Britanny M, Atlanta, GA


Radical Forgiveness Ceremony

"Through the Radical Forgiveness  Circle Ceremony  I have received a great feeling of relief."

"I loved the Radical Forgiveness Healing Circle experience with Alison Brooks and Jim was deep, healing, and safe.....I would heartily recommend it to anyone who is willing to face and release past helped me to move forward and more fully enjoy life---free from the past to live in the now moment and confidently face the future!"
     John, Norcross, GA

"The Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony was warm and welcoming and revelatory for me.....I thought my hormones were acting up but I believe it was the result of accessing hidden and buried feelings."
      Jane, Atlanta, GA

—I attended a Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony after completing the Radical Forgiveness Book Study.  I enjoyed how the attendees engaged each other as part of the Ceremony.  The honesty and energy was amazing!! The Ceremony, itself, helped me to forgive and let go.  i felt like I finally had some closure of the negative energy that had been holding me back on so many levels. It wasn't until several weeks later that I realized I had a physical healing as well as an emotional one as a result of the Healing Ceremony!  i will be attending a ceremony again and I highly recommend attending one. 
Kellie H. Atlanta, GA

—”A Powerful ritual that having a gathering of people on similar paths, Allowed me to connect in a way I never was able to or felt safe enough before.   I was able to  'express' myself, receive Acknowledgement, embrace and, have compassion for, myself and others.  My stories all got told in a special way without me having to verbally Tell The Story!  Very Profound!
All this was facilitated in a very gentle and powerful way.  Going through my own FEAR and being accepted for who I am Plus...accepting myself was also experienced in this Ceremony.  
It was a wonderful, learning and healing experience!”

Donna F.  Atlanta, GA

”I have participated in this ceremony twice and find it to be very helpful in putting past hurts behind me, putting those experiences in perspective, allowing me to let go and move on. I highly recommend this ceremony to anyone who feels they are ready to move on from painful life experiences.
Thank you for sharing your time, compassion and knowledge.”

Sincerely, Kathryn S,  Lilburn, GA

”As a recent participant in the Radical forgiveness event, the perspective of viewing challenging or upsetting events in my life as  "gifts from the universe",  OR seeing those individuals who perpetrated or participated in these events as "angels", was quite a paradigm shift.  But undeniably, a shift capable of producing both inner peace, and a sense of "community" with those who joined me on this journey. 
Alison and Jim acted as loving  tour guides, and provided valuable insight and unconditional support...Always holding sacred space for those who participated in their 'walk to heal' the painful stories of the past, and then to reframe them. The outcome: a new sense of peace, freedom and trust in life!”

Thank you, Pam  Atlanta, GA

Thank you Alison and Jim for taking the time and effort to present the concepts of Radical Forgiveness. The ceremonial circle was very special and I thank you for facilitating it with such flexibility and compassion. I will highly recommend this experience to others.”
Best regards, Mike S, Atlanta, GA

”Thank you both for a lovely afternoon.  I really enjoyed the Radical Healing process and felt comfortable with those who attended. I have lived in the vibrational world for many years and it always my goal to stay in that fabulous space.  After this election, however, I felt out of control in every aspect of my life including breathing and drinking water.  Everything feels contaminated.  I have been pretty harsh with some people over racism and other such things that push my buttons and was looking for way to stay uplifted and out of my own way.  I knew I needed to forgive myself and those who  for voted for Trump (just kidding...not...) So your workshop provided me with a launching point.
I loved  our perfect little group and I can still see the eyes of each person I made contact; and I feel  a bit freer from my own restraint.  And as you promised, I got a call while heading home from an old friend and another today.
Your energy is very sweet and comfortable; you both did a fabulous job. Hope to see you soon.”

Barbie B.  Atlanta GA
Peace and Love

—”I recently went to a Health Fair and one of the table's had a notice about a ceremony for radical forgiveness. I have been dealing with some guilt and pain from my past that I just couldn't get over so I decided what the heck, I'll check it out. Upon arrival to the ceremony I was greeted warmly by Jim and Alison. The people that showed up were a wide array of people including men (I assumed it would be all women) and I was so glad to see the diversity.  What unfolded proved extremely cathartic for me. I left feeling lighter and I definitely have a new outlook thanks to a lot of things that Alison talked about. No one had to share unless they wanted to. At the end some of us were hesitant to leave, sharing hugs and reveling in our spiritual experience.  Thank you Jim and Alison for helping me to stay on my path of love, growth and forgiveness.”
Rebecca B. Atlanta, GA

”The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony provides a platform that enabled my spirit to face the pain of past experiences. With that opportunity, my spirit has processed this pain and elevated my awareness of why. For the reasons behind our life events reveal divine purpose in our existence. I now have the ability to walk away from the emotional ties with my head held high as a surviving warrior, never again a victim. Thank you, Alison and Jim.”
Alisa T: Atlanta, GA

—”On November 4th 2018 I participated in the Radical Healing Ceremony that was hosted by Alison and Jim.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, however based on my experiences with Allison and Jim, I was expecting something powerful.  I must say I was not disappointed.  The ceremony was emotional, powerful, and cleansing.  You could feel the energy in the room, and see people being released from years of anger, pain, and agony.  Afterwards my spirit and soul were so much lighter, and I'm still processing what I experienced.  I would recommend individuals, and couples experience the radical healing ceremony.  I promise it will make a change in your life.  Thank you Alison and Jim."

—”I truly enjoyed the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony I attended on November 4, 2018 with Jim Harger and Alison Brooks. It was electrifying, real and full of emotions. I connected with people of all walks of life, that shared my hurts and pains and I was able to connect with my emotions, joy, pain and in return, I left with a renewed spirit. Jim and Alison exposed us to the other way of viewing our blessings while being able to forgive in-spite of our hurts and pains. I will definitely sign up again and share with family and friends, so they can be blessed as well.”

—”This was my first time attending a Ceremony and I was unsure what to expect. I was a little hesitant, but upon stepping into the building, I felt welcomed by Jim and Alison. The space was warm, tranquil, and inviting. The Ceremony helped me revisit past hurts and make peace with them, but to also have compassion for others and their situation. Thank you.”

—”An experience that we ALL will benefit from for the rest of our days. I am feeling lighter and more positive, with a newly gained perspective regarding the purpose of being a human . All this was made possible, within 3 hours of time, as a participant in the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony.“
Sharon; MI

—”The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony provides a platform that enabled my spirit to face the pain of past experiences. With that opportunity, my spirit has processed this pain and elevated my awareness of why. For the reasons behind our life events reveal divine purpose in our existence. I now have the ability to walk away from the emotional ties with my head held high as a surviving warrior, never again a victim. Thank you, Alison and Jim”
Alisa T; Atlanta, GA